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Using the search for courses or search for programs links, you will be able to:

  • identify courses and programs that are available electronically;
  • search by institution, discipline and/or level for more detailed information;
  • learn about registration, enrollment and costs; and
  • connect directly to institutions to begin the enrollment process.

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Information about the course or program offerings allows you to evaluate college and university policies and procedures related to:

  • admissions;
  • credit transfer;
  • how courses and programs are delivered;
  • financial aid;
  • prerequisites and other enrollment matters;
  • refunds;
  • registration;
  • tuition and fees; and
  • other aspects of distance learning study.

All credits earned in courses listed on are transferable. The acceptance of credits and the use of credits to meet program requirements are governed by the college or university to which the credits are being transferred. Students should consult the college or university for specific policies about credit transfer.

All courses and programs described on are based on institutional expectations at the time the information was provided. Tuition and fees listed for courses are approximate and may be changed or corrected at any time. The offering of a course depends on whether sufficient numbers of students enroll in the course. Contact the institution directly for the most recent information on schedules, costs and other information presented at this site.